1/4: Knicks, still wonderfully inept.

12 – 19 and 4 games out of that 8th spot

By Alessandro Barchi
There is so much to say about the Knicks that I could be writing for years. At 12-19 the Knicks again find themselves in the middle of a bad season. This team for sure is an upgrade to any recent Knick team that can come to mind. Is that good enough to make a Knick fan smile on their morning commute, probably not.  Now still in the mist of all this turmoil there is reason for optimism.

The Knicks still suck.

Hope springs eternal in the Knicks fan breast.

For starters Marbury might be leaving NY for Boston. Either by buyout or maybe Walsh can put a trade together(Ed: Trade?… for Marbury…in what lifetime?). Regardless the Celtics seem to have interest in Stephon and since it has become eminent that he will not play in NY anymore I am glad he is going to be leaving. This might bring some talent over to the Garden or maybe just relieve cap and a roster spot (GOOD RIDDANCE!) Everyone went on and on about how there is an open roster spot and why the hell Ewing Jr. is still not here, well maybe Mr. Walsh had bigger plans, and I think we will see what they were in the very near future.

The Knick organization is headed in the right direction; the dropping of cap was necessary and is being done in an intelligent manner. They acquired Tim Thomas and Harrington two good players who in Mike’s system instantly become very good players. We are also beginning to see the development of Nate 24, David 25, and especially Chandler 21 who look better every single game. Sure they might end up being traded but at least they have more value now. In the same year we might be able to get rid of Crawford $8,640,000, Randolph $14,666,667, Marbury $20,840,625, and Curry $9,723,983 somebody pinch me!

Lastly the Knicks are playing good basketball for the most part. Yea they have had a few games where the team looked like junior college bench warmers for example against Minnesota. But for the most part they are playing well and are losing close in most games. The team still needs to gel a bit more and the acquisition of a shot blocker and pg would help a lot, but to be basically playing with an 8 player squad not to shabby I must say. The Knicks have also become exiting to watch again, unless they are playing one of the monsters in the NBA they have a real shot to win every single night. So let’s embrace how much the Knicks have improved, and put our faith on the shoulders of Walsh and D’Antoni. After all the Knicks are only 4 games back from that 8th spot.

One last quick thing about the LeBron sweepstakes, this is for anyone who is not a fan of it (Ed: None of those people exist… except in Clevland). Getting LeBron James will single handedly change the face of not just the Knicks but the whole Tri-state area (Ed. and the NBA). Imagine the mid 90 Knicks with MJ, OOOOO MY, we might be able to have something similar here in 2010. No, I am not saying LeBron is like MJ or better or worse. All I am saying that he is the “MJ” of 2009 and having him in NY feels like the wet dreams I remember having when I was a boy. And yes there is a huge possibility the Knicks might not get him, but they still need to try. O and I am more then certain that Donnie Walsh realizes LeBron might not become a Knick in 2010 so do not think he is putting all his eggs in one basket (Ed. don’t forget Wade, Bosh, Dirk, Redd…..Kobe????).


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