1/08: Going Phanatic on Philly


Probably the most ferocious game that will be played all weekend.

Probably the most ferocious game that will be played all weekend.

By Alessandro Barchi
Let’s get right into the meat and potatoes and cut the BS… the Eagles will win 24 – 21 with a last minute drive led by Donovan McNabb putting away his critics (including myself) on how he is not clutch in big games. The only difference between Elway and McNabb is a Super Bowl. McNabb will win one this year and probably one more before he retires.

Other then Jim Kelly (Ed. Marino?), I cannot think of many other QB’s that have been so close to greatness without actually getting there. Donovan took over a bad Philly team in the late 90’s and turned the 2000’s into great times. McNabb has gotten to 4 NFC Championship games and even a Super Bowl but has come out empty handed. Why will this year be different you ask well here it is.

The Eagles have incredible amounts of momentum going into this game against the Giants. Sure, they have had this type of momentum before but never with a pretty healthy team. The Eagles have all their weapons healthy for the most part and this is a first in Philadelphia (Ed. So do the Giants for the most part.). Now you add that up and take into consideration how there is no definite sure shot team to win the Super Bowl this year, and it begins to smell like a Philly win.

This Eagle team will face their toughest road block this Sunday, the defending champions The NY Giants. I have broken down this game multiple times position by position and the Giants have more depth and talent. The Eagles will make up the difference with their momentum and hunger for a championship. The Giants already won it all and I cannot find any logical reason to why they would or should want this game as bad as Philly did. Then you can also add the time off the Giants have had (which I always think is a bad thing) and it seems clear to me the Eagles should come out on top. Also the Giants did not finish the season playing good football at all they lost 3 out of their last 4 games (Ed. Truth!). O yea and one of those losses was against the Eagles at home (Ed.More Truth!), the only team that was able to beat the Giants at their home all season long.

This game will definitely be a very close one that will be won by heart and determination. What will McNabb do when he is pressured all day long (Ed. Run screens.)? What will Jacobs do when Dawkins strips him? How will both teams react to bad field position, and mental errors? The answers to those questions will equal to the W for this game.

From the Editor: Just one thing to scare everybody who is taking the Eagles. I am a big believer in trends. So here’s a trend that is easy to see, yet no one is paying attention. Last year, on their way to winning the Super Bowl, the Giants lost one game on the road and ran the table on the road in the playoffs. Going into a postseason where they play the conference playoffs at home, they have lost one game at home. Their one loss on the road last year… Dallas. Who’d they knock out in the second round…Dallas, on the road. As Barchi mentioned before, the Giants lost one game at home, to Philly. They play Philly at home on Sunday… Just saying.


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