NBA Picks for Thursday, January 08, 2009

By Alessandro Barchi

Tonight I make my official debut for my NBA picks, this is going to be a tough one.
The league is in a frenzy as I type this, every single night any team can go down to any team, unless you’re the Cavs, and what is wrong with the Celtics, they look horrible lately. Putting all that aside I will try to deliver solid picks.

Knicks + 8 @ Dallas
Dallas has been playing so-so lately squeezing out wins not by much, they have also not played well at all at home. To visit them come the NY Knicks who had a great game against the Celtics but blow it against the Thunder. The Knicks have been erratic all season long winning some good games and losing to some horrible teams. I will take the points on this one and will bank it on that the Mavs continue to struggle at home and the Knickerbockers show up to play.

Inside Scoop: Curry makes his come back and probably will not play much, but look out for his minimal play to give the Knicks some presence in the paint against Dampier.

Pick: Knicks + 8

Clippers +13 @ San Antonio
Clippers are banged up to say the least they are missing Davis, Randolph, and Kaman and have been missing them for a while now. The Clippers are in the middle of a huge losing streak 11 in a row but have only lost the last couple of games by very small margins. I think they are playing better now that they are adjusting to their missing stars. The Spurs on the other hand keep winning but by a little. I like both those trends and I see the Clippers losing again but not by more then 10.

Inside Scoop: The Spurs last 3 home games were wins by small margins and 1 loss against average teams to say the most. Look for that trend to continue as the Spurs do not cover the spread.

Pick: Clippers + 13


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