1/10: More money in my pocket

It’s snowing… who gives a hoot.  It’s the greeatest weekend of the football season. The best teams are playing, period. Just like last week I’m picking my games today and tomorrow’s games tomorrow. If that makes any sense at all. Here is an update of the playoff records of the staff here at The Squeeze:

Editor: 2-2

Barchi: 2-2

Cullen, aka, John Anthony, Our expert picks guy: 1-3

Hmmmm…. hopefully I’ll put out a prize or something but whatever. On to my picks:

Ravens at Titans:

Baltimore is better than this Titans team. Period. The injury to Kevin Mawae and a less than 100% defensive line are going to hurt this team. And straight up… I trust the weapons for B’More than I trust the weapons for the Titans. Just to be safe… I’m, taking the points with Baltimore.

Pick: Baltimore +3

Score: Baltimore 17, Tennessee 9 (I know, I’m a pussy, but I also like making money)

Arizona at Carolina:

This game will not be a blowout. I promise you. Arizona only lost by 4 in their previous matchup. I also think that this team will be way more motivated than Carolina. They just won’t be good enough.

Pick: Arizona +10

Score: Carolina 24, Arizona 20

Barchi’s picks: Baltimore moneyline!!!!, Arizona +10


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