Stern is disappointed and so am I.

David Stern was on with Cowherd yesterday discussing the whole LeBron debacle not shaking hands debacle.  When asked if he wasn’t “happy” he replied by saying “I think that’s fair to say.”

If he doesn;t listen, bash him over the head with it. Don;t let him off easy.

If he doesn't listen, bash him over the head with it. Don;t let him off easy.

However, later in the day, a spokesman for the NBA said LeBron would not be fined. This is a huge problem. There are precedents for fining players who don’t meet with the media after the game. This is your star player. The playoffs are your featured event. LeBron needs to be punished. I don’t care that some journalist think its cool that he walked off (I’m lokking at you Simmons). The same media that makes him a puppet and calls him a witness and asks if he is as good as a 3 time champion needs to discuss his feelings on losing before he was expected to. Don;t cheapen that. Don’t let him get awya with it Stern. At the very least, rip him voer the phone. You are one of his bosses, he is an employee… let him know that as an emerging leader in this business, he has to conduct himself professionally. Because he is a professional basketball player. End rant.


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  1. LeBron James said he has a problem with congradulating somebody who has just defeated him. He used a saying something similar to Do you go up and congradulate somebody who just beat your ass in a fight? No you don’t… and it makes sense.

    If he wants to walk off the court without shaking somebody’s hands in a sense that’s okay… but when you put deeper thought in it we’re tought as children to have good sportsmenship. Do you really think I wanted to shake everyones hand after my team just lost 12-2 in little league? No but I had no fucking choice! So that mother fucker LeBron better get his ass back on the court and shake everyones mother fucking hand. He deserves a fine.

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