The title of this article is… No Title

by Glenn Reno (

She gets championship dong.

She gets championship dong.

Warning: This is actually a rant mixed with stats, truth and option.

Game one is set in stone and the Basketball God’s have spoken.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Lakers basketball.

When the Lakers play ‘Laker basketball’ there is no team in the league who plays better ball for 48 minutes. Whether or not you want to criticize the way the Lakers have played basketball during the playoffs they’ve always seem to the give the impression that they can turn it on and off at any given time from getting blown out in Houston by a team nobody expected to give the Lakers such a hard time taking the God-like team to a full seven games to then loose by 19 in the deciding game of the series.

It’s a switch, sort of like something from that movie with Sylvester Stallone in ‘Over the Top’ you know when he turns his hat backwards he’s unbeatable… yeah exactly like that.

Stallone is like the Lakers, when its going, its Over the Top.

Stallone is like the Lakers, when it's going, its Over the Top.

Alright so it’s only one game maybe I’m getting ahead of myself but to the fans who enjoy numbers the Lakers under Phil Jackson’s supervision (yes.. pun intended) are 19-0 when winning the first game of a series and Mr. Phil Jackson himself is 43-0 career when winning the first game of a playoff series.  The Lakers out rebounded the Magic by 14 which as a lot of people have clearly said is the best way to win a series.

Kobe Bryant is a machine. An executioner as one might say (Brandon McLeod) because I’ve been using articles and metaphors all article… I’m in a metaphorical mood… Kobe is like a train.. the fastest train you’ve ever seen before you can stand in front of it, you can close your eyes, your can put plugs in your ears to lower the noise but you’ll still hear it, you’ll still feel it and you still can’t stop it and if you haven’t realized by now you saw it your self in the 3rd quarter. We’re all witnesses no longer to LeBron but to Kobe Bryant as it always should have had been. There has been countless comparisons to Kobe and LeBron this entire playoff run but now that LeBron is out of the playoffs most people are pushing the topic that the Lakers have a better squad but how is that possible the the Cav’s had a better season? (Maybe this answer could be that the Lakers have a switch as I mentioned earlier?)

This fucking sore loser is clearly not the best.

This fucking sore loser is clearly not the best.

Let’s backtrack to the Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers series there were three games decided by two points or less and Cleveland only won one of those games? How the hell is that possible if LeBron James is the best player in basketball?  Put Kobe Bryant in that position and it would have been the Cav’s in the Finals not the Magic. Simple as that. Cavs win game 1, 2, lose three in Orlando, win game four and their already up 3-1 with the series heading back to Cleveland for game 5… how do you blow that when you have the BEST player in the league???!!??!!

OMG I’m stressed out. I’ll see you game two on Sunday. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “The title of this article is… No Title

  1. Glenn

    I could of swore I heard Kobe say.. “No Homo” after that dunk.

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