Back on Track

Some thoughts from tonight: Rashard Lewis = the man, thank god for him tonight….Alston/Redick suck, get them off the floor Stan Van! Dwight Howard cannot play with his back to the basket, so stop trying!….and wtf Lamar Odom? What is this 2001?!?


Thank you rashard for making an honest man out of TC

Some brutal calls down the stretch. Kobe does not get fouled everytime he touches the damn ball. Stan Van Gundy really is the worst coach in the NBA. How does Courtney Lee take the final 2 shots in regulation with the Turkish MJ, Rashard Lewis, and Howard on the floor?!? Nonetheless, the magic lose but TC makes his return to the winner circle…



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  1. That last shot of regulation was the best look they were going to get. Lee needs to sit for Pietrus game 3.

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