Brett Favre comeback? Again?……

Brett Favre was bred for football, had an arm unmatched in the league for many years and the heart and desire to never give up. It was a recipe for success which Brett had plenty of during his 18 year career in the NFL.

This is a winning combo, dont care what you say

This is a winning combo, don't care what you say

Now the question is will he come out of retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Brad Childress and the Vikings needs their answer this week from the aging 39 year old pro-bowl quarterback and you really begin to wonder how much of a chance there really is for him to come back and to play for a team just a year ago put just about ever thing they could into the deal with the Jets to prevent him from playing with. You have got to believe even at the age of 39 there has to be something left in that cannon-arm of his but is it really enough to carry the Vikings deep into the playoffs? I’m a true fan of football and have always respected and held Brett Favre in high regard and without a doubt would I love to see this man come out onto the field just for one more season and to see what he’s still capable of.

We’ve saw what Brett Favre even in the later years of his NFL career is capable of specially most recently with his stint with the New York Jets.  The Jets went 8-3 in the first 11 games of the season Brett’s arm was holding up and his QB rating was somewhere in the high 90’s with 18 touchdowns and a Favre like 12 interceptions, then the team lost 5 out of 6 Favre’s QB rating was around 55 and he threw only 4 touchdowns and 10 interceptions and most fans could only blame it on one thing and that was Brett’s age or was it his shoulder? Brett without a doubt could have seriously aggravated his throwing shoulder to make him go from all-pro to all-dud overnight.

Brett’s now fresh off and recovering from a late May shoulder surgery and has been in some heavy discussions returning back to the NFL with the Vikings arm’s spread welcoming him open handily maybe even praying for a one year return because Tavaris Jackson just isn’t cutting it.

So what do you think? Will Brett come back for one more season to play with the Vikings? If so, how well we he do both on an individual level and how well will the Vikings do a team with their upgraded quarterback? Better yet how will the Packers feel?

-Glenn Reno


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