Glenn’s posting, so you already know who won game 2 of the NBA Finals

by: Glenn Reno ( /

I’m just going to get down to the ‘nitty gritty’ as some would say. You obviously don’t want a post game review that’d be like telling you yesterday’s weather. We already know who won. Lakers 101-96 in Overtime fashion. Compliments go to Hedo for that behind the back block on Kobe Bryant, if they would of somehow won that game with the .6 left, Kobe would have had gotten his face posted on the internet with either the words “Fail” or “Own3d” and my BlackBerry Messenger status would be listed as ‘Unavailable’ (Ed. But your bbm was unavailable) and most likely this article wouldn’t have had even been written.

But that didn’t actually happen; the Magic lost yet again and are now down 0-2 to the God-like Los Angeles Lakers, but you know that already as well.  This is a best of seven series, this is basketball and we have a championship at stake… anything is possible.  The Miami Heat lost the first two games in Dallas two years back and went on to take the trophy 4-2, but out of 30 teams to take a 2-0 Finals lead, 27 have won the championship, not to mention since moving to the two-three-two format, 11 of the 12 teams to win the first two games at home have won the series. Phil Jackson is 43-0 when winning the first game in a playoff series and 19-0 with the Lakers. I’ll throw in that the Lakers have the best basketball player in the league and probably the best coach the league has ever seen and you start to begin to think that it was really over before it started.

Thank Kob... I mean God this didnt work

Thank Kob... I mean God this didn't work

Instead of actually going into a review of the game as I said earlier I wouldn’t do, I’m actually going to do something a little different. I’m going to play a little word association game with the players in regard to how I think they’ve been playing so far in the last two games.

Rafer Alston – Struggling Severly
Courtney Lee – Not even an option at this point
Hedo Turkoglu – Playing just as good as he’s played all season (but it’s the finals.. time to step it up)
Rashard Lewis – Scary. Stepped his game up majorly in game 2; only reason the Magic we’re able to keep it close.
Dwight Howard – Quietly getting his numbers, but still not making a difference he needs to make in the game.
Mickael Pietrus – Pretty good game one, but nothing from him in game two.
Marcis Gortat – Decent big body off the bench.
Jameer Nelson It’s a nice showing that he wants to play but he may be doing his team worse rather than good.
Anthony Johnson – An angry man. (no playing time)
J.J. Redick – Please keep him in the game for the Lakers sake.

Trevor Ariza – The Dark Knight, this man steals candy from babies.
Pau Gasol – A Genius, plays with you mentally rather than physically.
Andrew Bynum – Overpaid this guy is a foul machine.. getting me angry just writing this
Kobe Bryant – God.
Derek Fisher – A battle proven warrior with great experience.
Lamar Odom – A Bawse in game two, making up for the lack of Bynum this year. Pay him his money.
Luke Walton – Been taking smart shots.  Good size he fits the lakers bench well.
Jordan Farmar – Struggling this series.
Shannon Brown – Not really a factor so far.
Sasha Vujacic – Not really a factor right now either.
(Ed. note, word association normally means you use… you know… a word)

Enjoy game three.


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