The dream matchup in jeopardy

It should have been the dream fight of our generation. A tworst, the decade. We would have resolved multiple years of stagnation in the boxing world with what should have been the ultimate fight between two of the best boxers from two opposite schools of fighting.

On one hand, we have the undefeated showman. The man who is called “pretty boy” and ended an episode of MTV Cribs by making it rain. On the other hand, we had the humble God-fearing Filipino who still calls a developing third world country home. We had the man who has mastered ducking and dodging, being on the defensive, and countering with speed to make frustrated opponents look slower than stool. We had the phenom that throws flurries of punches and refuses to relent, because he hits you with every. Single. One.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, in the back of everybody’s minds, seemed like the sure thing coming up. They are the two most recent pound for pound champions. Two guys that fought beloved fighters and beat them. Two guys that are currently, without question, the biggest money draws in the game. 2 fighters that aren’t anywhere near past their prime. But for some reason, they won’t meet this year. Even though they are coming off of some significantly large paydays vs the aforementioned 2 mega fights that they both convincingly won, they will delay there eventual showdown.

In my opinion, however,  I’m afraid that matchup may never happen. Weeks ago, right before Pacqiauo crushed Ricky Hatton -the last fighter Mayweather faced/beat)- Pretty Boy announced that he would be coming back to the ring to fight. That excited most fans because we knew it would be the pre-cursor to his fight with Manny pending the eventual win over Hatton. But, since then, two disasterous things have happened. We learned that Money May is going to take on Juan Manuel Marquez and Pac-Man might be going up againstt Sugar Shane Mosley.

These two fights have potential to be great fights, make no question. But neither is the fight we want to see. Don’t get me wrong. Marquez holds numerous titles and barely lost a tight and controversial decision to Pacquiao. He is, according to Ring Magazine, the second best pound for pound fighter in the business. Mosley is a great fighter in his own right- a bit down in the last 5 years- but he’s still held his own against younger names- beating Antonio Margarito and Ricardo Mayorga while losing a close decision to Miguel Cotto (who should still be undefeated).

The heart of my argument is this. Everyone wants to see Mayweather Pacquiao. They are the best two fighters. They would make the most amount of money they can possibly make by facing each other. It makes no sense for them to take on two very good, very accomplished fighters right now. Why risk an L on the record before you take on the best and most lucrative opponent you have on the plate.

One might think they are trying to foul off pitches considering the economy. The next possible date for a bout would be probably May of 2010 for these two guys. Maybe they considered that the economy has to be better by then and they can charge everyone the 65 bucks they want to charge. Some say Mayweather is “ducking” Pacuiao– that he doesn’t want to face a guy who contrasts his style perfectly.

What I’ve always liked about boxing is that you can’t really argue who the best is. Most times, these guys settle it in the ring. And guys who know the sport never compare “eras”. They won’t ever bring that up. If you can fight a guy, you fight him. And then there is the discussion, settled in the ropes. Everyone knows that Tyson in his prime was as unreal of a boxer as you are gonna get. Everyone knows that Holyfield in his prime was a big pile of steel and he was going to give you his best fight. Lamotta could’nt be hurt, Leonard could out box his shadow, Johnson was the best. But all those guys fought in their weight classes. We are seeing with the big names below light heavy weight that they aren;t concerned with titles anymore. They want to fight the best guy. That has been the best part of the heavyweight division sucking so much. We are seeing the best guys in boxing right now face each other.

Very feasible this guy He could beat the best two boxer on the planet before the year is over.

Very feasible this guy He could beat the best two boxers on the planet before the year is over.

Whatever the reason is, it pisses me off. We should be watching the mega fight that ends all mega fights this winter. No more overrated British guys that hate offseasons. No more over the hill former legends trying to squeeze out an extra buck. Just the 2 best fighters settling this thing in the ring. But, and this is one normal guy’s opinion, I am really scared that this can’t happen. One of these guys is going to lose their fight. It will piss me off, but they will. And I’m actually banking on it to be Mayweather. Marquez needs a win to get that rematch with Pacquiao that he deserves and Floyd has been outof the game for a while. If Pac-Man faces Mosley and beats him (and he would), Marquez- Pac Man will be a great fight. Just not the one I want to see.

– CapoRegime


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