What a week of sports…

This past week was one of the most eventful one in recent sports memory. First off, you had baseball, a sport smeared with steroid scandal and asterisks on records, have 2 feel good stories this past week. Randy Johnson won his 3ooth game, a feat that likely will never be repeated again (sorry Johan) (Ed. What about Sabathia???). In addition, with all the homeruns, one of the smallest players, Ichiro, made a run (and by a run I mean got about half way) to Joe D’s 56 game hit streak. The sad part of all this is, Johnson won his game in the rain in Washington, with a crowd that looked no larger than 55 people, and Ichiro all the way out on the west coast got minimal coverage from the east coast dominant media. If it wasn’t for ESPN’s The Streak, I may not have even known he had the hit streak going. Even with the good story lines, it shows just how much the sport has fallen and how much it still has to go on its long road to recovery.

Sunday Federer cemented his claim over Sampras as the best ever

Sunday Federer cemented his claim over Sampras as the best ever

Then there was Roger Federer, cementing his claim as the greatest tennis player ever. He ties Pete Sampras with 14 career grand slam titles, while accomplishing what Sampras never did: win on the clay at the French Open. This in my opinion solidifies Federer at the top of the list of the best tennis players ever, closing out a straight set victory in the finals. While everyone jumped on the Nadal bandwagon (righfully so), Nadal was ousted early at the French, where he was supposed to be unbeatable. And now he is questionable for Wimbeldon with an injury. The longevity of both Sampras and Federer is what puts them a step above anyone else of their time.

The NBA Finals have not quite lived up to the hype yet, with Orlando laying an egg

Kobe looking for his first Shaq-less title

Kobe looking for his first Shaq-less title

game 1 and neither team coming to play game 2. However, it still involves two of the most entertaining players in the game, Kobe and Dwight and overtime games do add to the excitement. It’s no Kobe vs. Lebron, and with all the other major stories, the NBA actually takes a backseat, as does the Stanley Cup Finals. While Crosby and Ovechkin and Malkin are all big name stars, the fact that the television coverage of the entire NHL playoffs was so poor its hard to get into them now. I still have no idea what channel Versus is on my tv, and I do not intend on finding out anytime soon (Ed. FACTS, as usual, tend to disagree, with you). With the Capitals/Penguins series and now a Stanley Cup rematch of the Red Wings/Penguins, this sadly is as good as it will get for the NHL.

And last, but certainly not least, there was Tiger Woods. He once again asserted his dominance over us mere humans, shooting a 65 in the final round of the Memorial and storming back for a great comeback victory. He won despite not even playing his best golf (74 2nd round). He appears to be back in full force from his surgery, and makes the US Open that much more exciting to watch. Between Tiger and Federer, these may be the two best athletes of our generation. Regardless of the arguments that can be made, the fact remains that this has been one hell of a week for sports fans.

Who is the best?



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