Yankees 4- Rays 3

Everyone loves Swish

Everyone loves Swish

Another day, another young Tampa pitcher throws very well against the 2nd best offensive unit in the bigs (behind, Tampa!). A day after the Phenom David Price pitched great , Matt Garza came in and gave up 1 run on 4 hits through 5 innings. However, yesterday, the Yanks grabbed the lead in the 8th and Mariano Rivera clsoed, not that impsoter from Saturday. Fuck that guy, whoever he was. In attendance was Alaska governor and consummate milf Sarah Palin. I wonder if Palin walks around her house and looks in the mirror with nothing but a hockey jersey on and knows that while 60% of U.S. men don’t want her running the country, 100% would love to tap that shit.

Palin with a Swisher shrit on, thats my fantasy on....

Palin with a Swisher shrit on, that's my fantasy on....



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3 responses to “Yankees 4- Rays 3

  1. Griselle

    Love it, Yankees are by far the best team in baseball. Sarah Palin was there I heard, I mean who visits the big apple and dosen’t go to a Yankee game.

  2. Gonzo

    Best team “by far”? it’s ok to be a homer, but that statement is nutty.

    Dodgers 6 more wins.
    Phils, Rangers, Brewers, Bosox – same amount of wins as Yanks.

  3. Don’t mind her CRM, she as unapologetic a Yankee fan as you will get

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