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Forget Old School, forget Wedding Crashers, and forget Super Bad forget all of that! The Hangover is the ultimate party/comedy movie of this decade! I only wish that I was able

Where the eff is Doug?

Where the eff is Doug?

to see this movie before my Vegas trip rather after because now I feel sorry for myself. These guys did more in one night than I did a week in Vegas… I’m so ashamed of myself it’s leaving me with only two options, book Vegas in October, or die.  I think I might crawl into a ball and hibernate until October because I don’t deserve to live anymore.

Four guys about to enter upon quite possibly the best weekend of their lives; Doug (Justin Bartha) who is the soon to be married man who has no idea what to expect but is very open to having a good time. Stu (Ed Helms) is the softy of the group and always tries to show off to everyone he meets that he’s a doctor he is only a dentist. C’mon dude… Dentists aren’t doctor’s. This dude is so whipped it’s not even funny-he had to lie to his long time girlfriend that he was going to taste wine rather than telling her the truth about going to Vegas for the night. Next we have Phil (Bradly Cooper)- this is the good looking, easy going, and always positive glue of the group. He is all about having a good time, and not worrying so much about coincidences. Last but defiantly not least was Doug’s future brother-in-law- and who I’ve dubbed the biggest bawse that you seen thus far- Alan (Zack Galifianakis). This man is a fucking genius If I had this guy’s number he’d be getting an invite every single time I went out for a drink.

What do you call destroying your father-in-law’s classic mint condition          Mercedes,stealing a cop car, getting married to a hooker you met the very same night, pulling your own tooth out on a bet, kidnapping a tiny flamboyant Chinese man (who’s in the mafia and which by the way was fucking hilarious!) who you forgot about in your trunk not to mention stripped completely naked, losing your best friend somewhere during the night, only to wake up realizing that not only was your luxury suite completely destroyed but there’s a damn tiger in your bathroom and you just found a baby crying in a closet and you can’t remember shit about how it happened due to one of your friends lacing the Jager shots to begin the night in Vegas with roofies which he originally was lead to believe was ecstasy in order that everybody can enjoy the night much more.

IF you are ever extremely bombed in Vegas, just remember this one thing... DO NOT STEAL ANY OF THIS MANS TIGERS!

IF you are ever extremely bombed in Vegas, just remember this one thing... DO NOT STEAL ANY OF THIS MAN'S TIGERS!

These four guys called it a Bachelors party. If this is anything like what I have to look forward to when I get married, I think I might be taking the plunge sooner rather than later and I’ll defiantly be including some roofies! Haha..

This movie was over the top, but be prepared for potentially offensive material, some child molestation + masturbation (yes together at the same time), throwing around a used condom (aka snake skinl) and some very dark humor that only a person with a good sense of humor can enjoy.  The ending credits are what I call the cherry on the top where you finally get to see some pictures of what actually happens during the night. They literally show Alan’s penis in some girls mouth. If that’s what we got in the movie release I can’t wait for the unrated DVD release.

This movie gets an A- only because I wish there was more female nudity (Ed. We did when the baby was hungry!!!). Instant classic.

My only question is who’s coming with me to Vegas in October (Ed. The rest of the staff)? Oh and if anyone has the contact information for the wedding band at the end.. let me know.. I need to book them for my next event.

Funniest movie ever made. Period.

Funniest movie ever made. Period.

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  1. Was that dude man’s real penis in her mouth at the end? (no homo)

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