Ship ’em!

TC is on fireeeeeeeee

TC is on fireeeeeeeee

These NBA playoffs have proven to be very lucrative for TC. Game 3 might be one of the more difficult games to pick, proven by the fact that even the gamblers are 50%-50%. The Magic return home after another difficult defeat in Game 2, and Vegas responds by making them 4 point favorites. This does seem to be a rather large spread, especially considering how poorly the Magic played during the first two games. But in Orlando, I think the story will be different for the following reasons:

The Magic will rebound to take Game 3.

The Magic will rebound to take Game 3.

-Lewis looked great in Game 2, and has seemed to found how to expose the Lakers defense, going from 2-10 from the field for 8 points to 12-21 including six 3s for 34 points. Granted this could be attributed to poor defense by LA, but Rashard has a full head of steam heading home.

– Turkoglu and Howard should benefit greatly from leaving LA and returning home. Turkoglu showed some signs in Game 2, and Howard is yet to have a breakout game (which I believe is a certainty). Amway Arena will be rockin and the stars for Orlando will be out.

– The Lakers have been known to have some let downs (see the Houston/Utah/Denver series). The fact that they didn’t play well in Game 2 and still have a 2-0 lead in the series makes a let down even more likely in the first road game.

– Between Rafer Alston (3-17), Courtney Lee (4-13), Mickael Pietrus (6-16), JJ Reddick (3-11), and Jameer Nelson (4-12) one of these guards will be due to step up at home…

Caporegime loves the Kobe scowl

CapoRegime loves the Kobe scowl (Ed. It gets my panties wet at night.)

– I refuse to belive that a) Lamar Odom can repeat his Game 2 performance or b) that the Magic will lose a game at home down 0-2 to a team with Andrew Bynum (who is absolutely terrible) starting. Also, this may also be some wishful thinking so that I don’t have to see Kobe make that ugly ass face anymore.

Now that you have been let inside the mind of TC, I hope you enjoy making money as much as I do. It’s not easy pickin 66% winners but somebody’s gotta do it. The Magic come out firing in the first half, so I like the Magic first half big. Also, the payout is better to go halftime/full-time as opposed to just Orlando -4, and I’m all about maximizing profit. So here they are, this is why they pay me the big bucks…..
The Pick:
First Half – Orlando -2.5
Halftime/Full-time – Orlando-Orlando

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