The Lakers are un-freaking-believable, the Knicks…. arrrgghhhhh!!!!!

If you have been reading this site (and more than I thought have, it is very humbling, thank you), you understand that some of the writers on the staff are huge Lakers fans. Well, allow my to swing my dick around, please. I am a New York fan. I love the Yankees, pick the Jets every time I play Madden, and love the Knicks like a family member. Growing up in the nineties was a bitter-sweet time for me. We had, well at the time, the best coach. We had a 7 foot legitimate big man. We had a tough ass team that would fuck up teams to win games. We would win a a game 77-71 and call it a great game. We were winning all the time.

Why are we such a joke? It doesnt make any sense.

The problem is, we were missing one of three guys: Jordan, Hakeem, Miller. Almost every crucial playoff series we lost, we didn’t have the best player on the floor. What’s really sad, is that we haven;t had the best team on the floor for the better part of our existence. As a matter of fact, considering where we play, what city we are in, and how much the League has BLATANTLY tried to make us a focus of the league, the Knicks, more or less, have sucked. Michael Wilbon wrote a column on the greatness of the LA Lakers franchise. He rehashed some lines from an old David Israel article, this is what put me in a foul mood:

The biggest myth in basketball,” Israel said, “is that the Knicks matter. They stink. They had two great years, 1970 and 1973, and other than that they’ve been ordinary at best and lousy much of the time. Even the Celtics had one trip to the conference finals between 1988 and 2008….”

Ouch. If you have never been to New York, and taken in local New York sports, then i can;t begin to explain how much the game is ingrained in the culture in this area.I dare you on one hot day in July to find me an empty basketball court anywhere in the city. The 2 most famous basketball arenas in the world are MSG and Rucker Park.

What I don’t understand, that in a  city that’s as star-lit as LA and has as many passionate, rich sports fans as LA is how the Knicks have been floundering for decades now and LA is on the cusp of their 4 title this decade, 17th all time!!!!! We have 2, both from the 70s. Since we one our last title, the Lakers have won 8, Chicago 6, San Antonio 4…. the damn Pistons have more titles than us.

The fact that we are in the middle of a two year plan to “lure” a big time free agent sickens me. I don’t want LeBron. I’ll take him, I’ll be happy if he wins us championships, I might even change my opinion. But I don’t want another team’s superstar, especially one with such a deep connection with the fanbase. We should be able to put togther a competent basketball player without relying on our all of a sudden great name and advatages to land us one all time great player. Do you realize the biggest free agent signing we had in the last 20

The best free agent in 20 years to be signed by the Knicks, wuick tell me where he played before that? In college?

The best free agent in 20 years to be signed by the Knicks, wuick tell me where he played before that? In college?

years is Allan Houston. Allan fucking Houston. Don;t even get me started on the shooting guards that we’re better than Allan Houston during his time as a Knick. (I realize I’m now ranting.. ) Don;t let me even start on our draft history the past decade. We hired a laughing stock of a GM and gave him an extension in the midst of fucking up. I can’t tell you how upsetting it’s been to be a Knick fan these past 15 years.

I feel like I’m a prisoner of a team that is controlled by people who dwell enjoy dwelling in mediocrity. People should be begging to come play under the bright lights of New York, but we haven’t had a legitimate “star” since Patrick Ewing, and we have zero wings to show for it. True story: Willis Reed has won the MVP trophy in 1970. That was the first, alst, and only time a Knick has been considered the best player in the league. The Phoenix Suns have tripled that number since.

And see, this is why I will never apologize for being a Yankee fan and enjoying how the Steinbrenner’s run things. They understand that they enjoy numerous advantages with the city that their team plays in. And because of that advantage, they have a duty to themselves, the product, and the customers to put out the best possible team they can. That’s why I don;t mind when they sign high priced free agents. And our farm system is never devoid of talent.The Yankees, genuinely care about being good. I can’t say the same for the Knicks organization.

This city deserves a team that is good. Not one that competes with the fucking bobcats for wins.

This city deserves a team that is good. Not one that competes with the fucking bobcats for wins.

I’ve got to believe that one day, The Knicks will be good. But for the past 60 years, Professional Basketball in the Big Apple has been pretty goddamned rotten, considering that it was so ripe to begin with.




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5 responses to “The Lakers are un-freaking-believable, the Knicks…. arrrgghhhhh!!!!!

  1. BronBron is coming to 4 Penn Plaza, don’t worry.

  2. Lol, that’s the only hope we have, and it makes me sick. Are you regularly checking me out, or is it the twitter feed that brings u in here? And how are we doing?

  3. flip

    Great article B. I, as you know I am a die hard knicks fan. Yes they have been unbearable to watch. It’s really to watch them. It’s actually sad that the only time I really want to watch them is when the King is in town. Other than that they have pain and agony for me.

    Remember when they lost to the rockets. Omg! I was 8. I cried LOL

  4. flip

    Sorry for the mistakes rushing before I go I’m late to work.

  5. Me and Sanel still joke about how you kicked us out after they lost to the Raptors in the first round of the playoffs. Talk about suck….

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