Come on Mr. B, you remember our cheer….1, 2, 3, GUYS!

I could honestly blog for 2 straight months talking about nothing but Saved by the Bell. I grew up with those crazy kids from Bayside, and it had a profound impact on my childhood years. Who can forget Zack getting a 1502 (Ed. 1502!!!!! I still remember how absurd that was.) on his SATs but trying to get Jessie into Stansbury. Or AC Slater and his great football games and wrestling matches in that enormous bayside gym. The great dance competitions from Slater wearing a leotard to Lisa Turtle’s “The Sprain”. Speaking of the dance contests, tell me Casey Kasem wasn’t the coolest guy around after being on his 2 episodes. And what about that cool over 18 club The Attic, that Screech made those fake id’s to get into so Zack could date that college girl, but then find Kelly’s boyfriend Jeff cheating (Ed. I still don’t understand how we don’t discuss how Kelly cheated on Zack not once, but twice. She was hot, but she was def easy.)!! I know I am leaving a ton of great moments out; it is impossible to try and encompass all the greatness of this show in just one mere blog, but I will do my best.

The reason for Saved by the Bell to be brought up, is because of the return of Zack Morris! Mark-Paul Gosselaar was on Jimmy Fallon the other night, and it was legendary. You are crazy if you don’t watch the entire video, especially at the 7:10 mark when Zack Attack performs with the Roots. I am not really a fan of the Jimmy Fallon show, but I must say this was the best interview I have ever seen in my life, I do not care what anyone else says. It’s scary how everyone can remember so many details about the show after all this time. TBS really should seriously consider putting it back on during prime time, because there is no way the ratings wouldn’t be through the roof.

I may never look at Jessie Spano the same

I may never look at Jessie Spano the same

With all these flashbacks to the good times of Bayside, I feel obligated to point out how awkward certain moments have been because of the show. The best example I could give of this would be Jessie Spano. Now, while we always knew Jessie was crazy (I mean she did overdoes on caffine pills!!!!) there was no easy way to handle some of her recent movies. In Showgirls and Any Given Sunday, I was somewhat traumatized by seeing her naked(I got over it fairly quickly….enjoy). In my head I kept saying, this is wrong, that’s Slater’s girl, but hey you snooze you lose AC.

oh well!

oh well!

tiffanithiesen-23 And then there is perfection personified in the form of Kelly Kapowski. Who has not dreamed (and still does) about being with Kelly. She was homecoming queen, cheerleader captain, and just an all-around girl. It has not helped me to get over her sex appeal has continued to increase as she has gotten older. She will always be number 1 on my all-time list (sorry gb). There’s really nothing else that can be said, just sit back and enjoy the view.


Hey Capo, Kelly says I got your cleavage right here

So to close things out, Saved by the Bell is one of the greatest shows ever created, and it continues to impact society to this day. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for reminding us all of this fact. This may be the best thing to ever come from your show, but damnit it was worth it.




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2 responses to “Come on Mr. B, you remember our cheer….1, 2, 3, GUYS!

  1. seems like tbl really liked your jets post

  2. Crissy

    Probably the best blog ever written. And yes that interview with Jimmy Fallon and Zack Morris was legendary. I can’t wait for the whole reunion show. It will be TIVOed and probably watched everyday for the rest of my life.

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