Mike Vick 2.0: Redemption

In a society where a man has paid his dues by serving 2 years of his life in prison, there are still people out there that despise him.  Obviously the crimes Vick committed were disgusting and inhumane but to say that he shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NFL is ridiculous.  When he was on top of his game playing for the Atlanta Falcons, he was the biggest star the NFL had, a perennial Pro Bowler, a superstar that put asses in seats.  He was the prototype quarterback of the future, someone who could run with the ball when his offensive line couldn’t block anymore and someone who more times than not, could beat you with his arm as well.  Within the last 2 years that Vick’s been in prison, there is no doubt that he was in the weight room bulking up and getting stronger than he ever has been before and also keeping himself in football shape so that he can try out for a team that’s willing to give him a chance (Ed. Sanel has never played organized football before… please forgive him for that previous asinine sentence).  There are a few teams that are in need of a quarterback that should give the former star a shot at redemption:

Hes already done the crime, let him get his life back.

He's already done the crime, let him get his life back.

  1. Denver Broncos – Their quarterbacks are Kyle Orton and Chris Simms.  Chris Simms is a 3rd stringer at best and Kyle Orton gets the starting nod out of default.  Why not bring in somebody like Michael Vick and allow him to showcase what he has left in the tank.  They have WR’s Brandon Marshall (who is a beast) and Jabar Gaffney, who revived his career with the Patriots (Ed. I really wanted to delete this… he started his career with the Patriots, was released because he sucks)s.   Their running game is always outstanding year in and year out (Ed. wasn’t top ten last tear under Shanahan and there is a new regime in towm. Not guaranteed, especially since there is one thousand yard season between all of  the rbs in the depth chart, nice try.) which obviously would take away the pressure of Vick and allow him to concentrate on finding the open receivers.
  2. San Francisco 49ers – Do I even need to say anything???? They still have their #1 pick Alex Smith from a few years ago that was a complete bust as their backup now.  Is any team in more desperation than the niners? (Ed. This is actually a little realistic)

3.  Carolina Panthers. I like Jake Delhomme. I really do. But he hasn’t been able to recapture the magic he had a few years ago and he is 34 years old.  Can you imagine Vick and Steve Smith, two of the fastest athletes on the field on the same offense?   Picture this: just as the offensive line breaks down, Justin Tuck and Umenyiora start chasing down Vick, it looks like they have him surrounded but his quickness is just unbearable for them, he splits their tackles and starts buying himself some time.  He finally decides to run toward the line of scrimmage and make a run for it when at the last second, he sees Steve Smith open in the end zone all alone. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! …… OMG!!!!!   I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER TO GET HERE (Ed. I don’t even know what to say here).

4. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS – I know they have Mark “Vince Chase” Sanchez but he still has to learn the game.  Give Vick one shot.  Do it for us New Yorkers.  Heck, Matt Leinart was a Top 10 pick and isn’t starting yet, why not let Sanchez ride the pine.  For the record, this is my imaginary pick. I just want to see the Jets fans in disgust (Ed. This paragraph, hell this article, killed me and Sanel’s friendship)

Hey, if the quarterback position doesn’t quite well work out for him, he could try out for a running back position.  He was always good at running the ball.   I just have one question though: what number will Vick wear when he makes his comeback? #7 or #13768903?


Me and Vick feel the same way about this article

Ed. Me and Vick feel the same way about this article



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9 responses to “Mike Vick 2.0: Redemption

  1. Nice finishing touch.

    And the only thing that killed Sanel and Brandon’s friendship was that you bet on the Lakers last night… suddently I’m starting to feel a writers block epidemic on this site? Stay away from the Lakers. You’ve been warned.

    And fuck no the Jets don’t want him. Fuck you very much. heh

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  3. Hell no, goin back on the Lakers huuggggeeeee tomorrow, they won me mad dough last night

  4. If they loose again tomorrow expect a strike.

  5. ROB

    haha great article and awesome comments by the editor…. # 7 or #13768903 haha classic

  6. come write for the squeeze , where your editor will write snide remarks in your columns.

    you’re better than that.

  7. Fuck that, no one is safe, we’re I’m like mao zedong in this bitch

  8. JerseyYo! is officially in the house

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