Yankees – goose egg, Red Sox- 7

What’s going my people? My name is flip. Let me know what ya think.

Rough night up in Boston for Burnett.

Rough night up in Boston for Burnett.

One game seperating them from first.

At first, your saying to yourself this is going to be a great series this time around. Red Sox have have been perfect against the yanks, going 5 for 5 this year. But this time, the Yanks are back in Boston as the best team in the league. The night didn’t end that way as the Yankees got shellacked by the Sox.

The starting pitchers on paper- A.J. Burnett vs Josh Beckett- appears to be an exciting duel on paper, but one of them forgot to show up. Burnett was out by the 3rd, lasting 2 2/3 innings.The damage started for Burnett when he came againist slumping David Ortiz who slammed a 2 run shot to right field off the foul pole. Burnett’s exit came after Nick Green brought in Varitek and Kotsay on a 2 run double.

2 2/3 ip and 83 pitches, only 39 which were for strikes. 80 mil for this!! He needs to step it up.

Yankees never recovered after that. Beckett pitched 6 scoreless innings, 1 hit and two walks, pushing his overall record to 7-2. The sox scored three more runs and Nick Green added a homer.

Yankees need to figure out how to beat the Sox. If they don’t, a short post season run could be in our near future.



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