Killing two birds with one stone

scuttle dwight

Scuttle and the Lakers put a hurtin on the Magic title hopes last night

Ok, so I guess last night proves that the friggen gambling gods are out to get me. Because Orlando had that game locked up, and some asshole at the bar yells out, “Oralando’s going to double Kobe, and Fisher is gonna hit a 3 to send it to overtime!” I silently glared over my sam summer, and as this prediction turned true, I could only laugh (and by laugh I mean go fight that guy at the bar). I guess it’s only fair that I don’t go 100% on my picks, I’ll have to settle for 75% winners.

Coming to the realization that the Lakers are on the brink of another championship leaves me a little too upset to do an actual recap. And then of course when I get home and turn on Sportscenter, they are talkin about seagulls helping the Indians take out Kyle Farnsworth and the Royals. Talk about irony, in the same night Scuttle ‘killed two birds with one stone’.



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  1. The Magic did everything possible to lose last night’s game. Congrats to the Lakers. The Magic don’t deserve.


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