Yankees 3-Red Sox…. does it even really matter?

If only we could play the Yankees everyday

"If only we could play the Yankees everyday"

This is getting ri-god damn-diculous. You mean to tell me that Sabathia is owning these guys going into the 8th inning, with A LEAD, and we still lose to the clowns. Fuck this. The Red Sox are cheating. Plain and simple. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but yesterday was a joke to how bad we got beat. I mean, for Pete’s sake, we got clutch hitting from A-ROD!!!!!! If you take out the 8 times we play each other, we have the same record vs the rest of the AL East. We would actually be up 6 games on them! You know what that means,? We might have to depend on the fucking Rays and Orioles to take care of our dirty work. What else is it gonna take for us to beat these guys? Is it gonna be 2004 all over again? Because if that’s the case, I demand football get started soon.


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