Chien Ming Wang no longer a Yankee…. bwahhh

It is very ironic that the day I decide to fire up the Squeeze for another run, I am completely blindsided by a piece of news that kind of shocks me. Chien Ming-Wang was not offered a contract by the Yankees this weekend and is now a free agent. Chien Ming-Wang, he of the 2 straight 19 win season Ming-Wangs.

He has had difficulty staying healthy the last 2 years… but I really do hope thats why he isn’t a Yankee anymore. Because that would just be unfortunate. I liked Wang, he was a rock of stability during some tough times for the Yankees. But here we are, with the Bombers winning a World Series and Wang having contributed a little more than diddly to it. The question becomes now, do the Yankees need another starting pitcher?

The starting rotation currently consists of CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, an un-signed Andy Petite, and two relievers in Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes. Yanks need a 4th starter. If they’re aspiration is to win 100 games and win the division, they are going to need someone to pick up the load. With some of the bullpen having been shipped off or cut loose, this becomes a priority, even more so than (sigh) overpaying for Matt Holiday.

The good news is, there are perfect 4th starter guys available out there. Names like Ben Sheets and Justin Duchscherer are being looked at. Albeit those guys didn’t start a game last year, they would only probably required to start maybe 20-25 games and they do have decent resumes. Not gonna lie, if I were a gm, this would be a little annoying to me. Having to stress out about a 4th starting pitcher, but I guess its one of those problems you’ll take as a Yankee fan compared to the alternative… like having to trade your Ace.


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