Johnny Damon…. what to do… (hint: Matt Holliday)


He made 13 million dollars last year and gave a typical Johnny Damon year as far as production goes. The problem is, why the hell would the Yankees pay 13 million again for that production. Captain Caveman refuses to take a paycut, the Yanks organization obviously wants him back. Here’s what Damon’s gotta understand: He isn’t in the top 3 as far as outfielding talent goes and the Yanks have no shortage of left handed bats. Sure, they lose a good on base guy, but for the 10 mil they are willing to spend, they can definitely look elsewhere. Which brings me to my next point. I know the Yankees are looking to shed payroll, but who cares. Send a bigger eff you to baseball. Overpay for Matt Holliday. It doesn’t have to be Teixera money. God knows we shouldn’t, but ocould you imagine a 3-5 lineup of AROD, Tex, anbd Holliday that is surrounded by the power of Granderson and Posada. I’m giggling just typing it. AGain, I know the Yankees are shedding payroll, but Holliday is 30, in his prime. Lets sow up the next half a decade of titles, please. The Red Sox just sured up their pitching staff for that time period, we need a huge counter punch.


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