Please Boxing Gods, Put the fight in Dallas


I know, its been awhile. But something has irked me long enough for your boy to dust off the old blog. Jerry Jones, who this site loves with total endearment, is willing to pony up $25 mil to get the biggest fight in more than a decade to the new, opulent, well endowed Cowboys Stadium.

But for some reason, the powers to be, along with the Pacqiuao and Mayweather themselves, want to fight in Vegas and are very hard pressed to fight in Texas. What is it? Are they more comfy in Vegas? Are they too used to the post party scene after their fights? Do they have accounts at the Bunny Ranch?

Whatever it is, they need to get the fuck over it. Fighting at Dallas Stadium would add sizzle to the already appetizing steak of the fight. Plus, if Money May wants to remain true to his moniker, he should be fighting tooth and nail to fight in Dallas. Last time I checked, the MGM grand seats a little over 17,000 people. Cowboys Stadium seats well more than FIVE TIMES that. They can completely decimate the record for most live gate revenue hat Mayweather himself and Oscar De La Hoya set.

This is going to be the career defining match-up for both of these very special fighters. It’s going to need a career defining special venue. I mean Vegas is cool and all, but these two gladiators need a coliseum to fight in.


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