So, how about that other 13-0 team?

The undefeated Colts of Indianapolis go down to Florida to play one of their many, awful football teams tonight. So, as the sports fans that we are at the squeeze, we read and hear a lot of talk about the playing status of their starters. Whether they should go for glory or go for history. Which is cool. But what about that other 13-0 team, the New Orleans Saints. Yeah, I know, they haven’t locked up home-field yet, but it just seems like this season, their is tons of slobbering going on about Peyton and Crew. And yeah, I guess it seems like a better story considering what Indy has accomplished this decade, like being the 3rd best team in their conference. But I still feel like more hasn’t been made about how wonderful this New Orleans Saints Story is.

The team is undefeated with a qb that was tossed aside for a newer, shinier toy and then disregarded by the Dolphins for Daunte Culpepper. The team is undefeated with a head coach that at one off coordinator stop in NY had his play calling responsibilities stripped of him as the team was en route to a Super Bowl appearance. The defense has been revitalized by a defensive coordinator that held the same position with the Redskins for a very long tenure, interviewed for the HC position when vacant, didn’t obtain it, and then was let go.

The team has 2 pro bowlers from last year, Brees and guard Jamaal Brown. That’s it, not one “star” on offense. Also, the defense has been fighting the injury bug all year. They literally picked up 2 corners off the street for the Patriots game and and looked like their clear superior.

Still, not a lot of love around the nation for these Saints. I’ll give the media the benefit of the doubt and wait until after they beat the Cowboys Saturday. If not, expect me to write another post, probably linking to this one, just with more exclamation points, links, and loud explosions.


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