The Jets still have a shot!!!!

Sunday was probably one of the worst Jets losses I’ve experienced in years. Probably the worst since the playoff game in Heinz field in 2005. Just gut wrenching. Now in hindsight, say the Jets win, they are still probably out of the wild card spot due to being half a game back in conference play. But still, it would have made next week’s game and subsequent scoreboard watching entertaining. But, lo and behold, there is still hope. Again, this hope involves the Jets beating 2 teams at the top of their division, but hey, I needed something to write about, and this was the only thing coming out of my fingers.

The Jets, Steelers, Titans, Dolphins, Texans and your mother are all 7-7. They all are a game back of the 8-6 Ravens and Broncos with 2 weeks to play. Now, this seems a little daunting, but (well at least in my mind) the Jets path to a playoff is very far from impossible. First look at the schedule for just next week. The two current wild card teams play at Philly (Denver) and at Pittsburgh (Ravens). On top of that, the Titans host the red hot Chargers (who really don’t have anything to play for being that they are entrenched in the number 2 seed, but shhh), and the Dolphins play the Texans (we beat the Texans week one, so we own that tie-breaker).

Again, all of this is based on the Jets beating the undefeated (and looking to stay that way) Colts. On the road. Eff.



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