Pro Bowl Weekend


Is there anything worse than this? The weekend before the SB? No for real… this might be one of the worst weekends in sports. I know we’ve got other things like basketball and college basketball, yadda fucking yadda, but that’s not the point. We just came off of 21 STRAIGHT weeks of relentless violence, touchdowns, drinking beer and Phil Simms pointing out blatantly obvious things and realizing he gets paid to do so and then SCCCCRRRRRRREEEEEEECHHHHHHHH, the brakes just get jammed on us. And to make matters worse a.) We know there’s more football, and in this case, great football, coming next weeknd with the super bowl but b.) They have to stick us with the option to watch probably the worst football game in the history of football or games.

I don’t hate the pro bowl, but watching a meaningless football game in Hawaii while I’m freezing my ass off in New Jersey waiting for the Giants to win another fucking SB while the Jets are busy wondering who to side with between a coddled, terrrible QB who makes to much money and a malcontent, voyeuristic, overrated receiver who makes to much money just… wait where was I? Oh yeah. Fuck this weekend.





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